Hozro review on The Psych Rock

Thanks to Nathan.

Iyari Hozro is dark droning music with echoed, looped guitars and minimalist experimentation to create textured soundscapes. The music is beautiful, mysterious and magical. The guest vocalists sing in beautiful ancient tones that make a tingling sensation rise up the spine.

Iyari is Josep Mateo of Barcelona, Spain. Horzo is the fifth album released by Iyari. Horzo was an opportunity to expand the music into new territories previously unknown and bring on guest musicians from around the world.

Hozro has a timeless acid folk sound that is relaxed, droning, and soothing, The mysterious atmosphere is deep and introspective tapping into the mystical paradox of existence. It is beautiful, emotional, sad, inspired and filled with passion. All this expressed with an ambient minimalist approach to composition giving the music an artistic edge.

Iyari Hozro is best for meditative moments, ceremonial circles, Atlantian prayers, communing with nature and contacting the primal elements.

Review here: https://thepsychrock.com/2020/09/26/iyari-hozro-7-8-10-magical-atmospheric-drone-folk/?fbclid=IwAR0IWj3NvRDH_3YsNIWEIvoRnwq_UxqFgn1rckzSDLubgxqNoM6vfPIiesI