«Hozro» new album release

After more than a year Iyari returns with «Hozro». His new album features the collaboration of artists such as Mario Lalli (Yawning Man, Fatso Jetson), Nate Hall (US Xmas) Lakami (Kartar Atma) Emiko Ota (Acid Mothers Temple), Aya Ogawa and Manducator.

It has been released by the Submarnie Broadcasting Company label and brings us 11 new tracks that take Iyari’s universe down different paths never explored until now. A second part of the album is expected in the coming months.

«An absolute beauty. At times its scary, other times I am wrapped in a comfort blanket of sound…Beautiful #PostRock #Ambient soundscapes.«
— Dave Barnard/Inhale the Heavy